IndicaTerrapin Hell’s OG 3.5g Flower (Indica)Indica


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23.29% THC

0.0% CBD

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  • I’m a chronic pain patient like a lot of you, so I need a heavy hitting Indica at bedtime so I can get to sleep & it didn’t disappoint. You get both relaxation that you feel flow over your body. Shortly after you get that heavy sleepy feeling that kills the pain & gets you to sleep. So it works well for both pain & relaxes the muscles, while gently lulling you to sleep. Right before the new year I was left without my other meds & my blood pressure spiked,so I pulled this strain out to try to relax & found that it also helped bring my blood pressure down as well. So another bonus for this strain. This is now 1 of my top 5 strains.